2007  The Bhavan Centre, West Kensington, London.
2007  Space Studio, Hackney, London.
2006 “The Kiss” Cur. Robin Dutt, Mayfair, London.
2005  “Exquisite Corpses” Scarlet Maguire Gallery, London.
2005  “So Far So Close” With Debbie Moor, Lauderdale House, London.
2000  “The Kiss Of Life” With Dan Jones, Gallery K, London.
1998  “Incarceration”, Shoreditch Town Hall, London.
1988 Hardware Gallery, London.
1994  “The Kiss No 2” Cur. Robin Dutt, Gallery, London.
1994 Gas Works Gallery, London.
1994 Rich And Famous Gallery, London
1994  “Cinderella’s Revenge” Smith Gallery, London 

1993 “The Kiss First” Cur. Robin Dutt, West Soho Gallery, London.
1993 “Trash Is Treasure” Cur. Robin Dutt, West Soho Gallery, London.
1993 “Hurrah For The Bra” Cur. Samuele Mazza, Academia Italiana, London, Paris, New York, Tokyo.
1993  “A Fête Worse Than Death” Cur. Joshua Compton, Factual Nonsense Gallery, London.
1991 Roseberry Avenue Gallery, London.
1991 The Day Of The Dead Exhibition, Commercial Road Gallery, London.

1990 Beak Street Gallery, London.